Who am I?

Personal Details

  • Name: Alexander Rössler
  • Date of birth: 14 March 1992
  • Nationality: Citizen of Austria
  • Address: Lebnergasse 1 Vienna Austria
  • Phone: +43 680 1348338
  • Email: alexander@roessler.systems

Professional Profile

Alexander Rössler is an embedded and system software engineer, entrepreneur and open source enthusiast.

He specializes in engineering user interfaces for embedded systems especially for industrial machines and 3d printers.

A special interest of Alexander is open source software, most importantly in the field of motion control.

The portfolio section of this page is still work in progress.

My best work


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    Mobile App Pendant for CNC Machine

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    Cross-platform 3D Printer User Interface

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    User-friendly CNC Operator UI

    Project 1 Description


Mobile App Pendant for CNC Machine


A CNC pendant is a hand-held remote control for CNC machines. It typically features haptic buttons and a rotary encoder jog wheel for fine machine movements. The pendant allows the machine operator to control the manufacturing machine without standing in front of the control computer. The idea of this project is to replace the physical CNC pendant device with a smartphone application. CNC machine operators are already familiar with the haptics and control of a smartphone device which makes this pendant especially easy to use. Thanks to sound and vibration feedback supported by all smartphone devices on the market, controlling the mobile pendant without looking at the screen is convenient. The project included designing and implementing the mobile application for Android. The look and feel of the design was adapted to match the main UI of the CNC machine. Reliable network protocols have been incorporated to make the remote control via WiFi safe and easy to use.

Skills & Technologies

Qt/QML, C++, Android
CNC pendant main screen

CNC pendant main screen

CNC pendant axis selection screen

CNC pendant axis selection screen


Cross-platform 3D Printer User Interface


The machine tool manufacturer extended its product palette with a new 3D printer. The control for the 3D printer is based on an Embedded Linux computer with limited graphics processing power. Therefore, the user interface for the 3D printer should run remotely on a desktop or tablet computer making use of the powerful graphics hardware users already have access to. The UI is a completely new design with both touch and desktop users in mind. The software is based on the open source virtual control panel stack QtQuickVcp. As a special bonus for the customers in the field education, the UI is completely open source and available on Github. The project included extending the underlying open source projects and upstreaming the changes. Moreover, the UI was designed and engineered from scratch. The UI is optimized for the use in schools and other educational institutes where it especially important to be able to observe and tweak the machines parameters at runtime.

Skills & Technologies

Qt/QML, C++, Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Machineface on Samsung Galaxy S7

Machineface on Samsung Galaxy S7


User-friendly CNC Operator UI


A CNC operator requires a UI to interact with the manufacturing machine. Previously a Windows Forms application was in use for the machine. Many machine features where hidden in complex menus and dialogs. This lead to a number of operator errors. The new UI is a complete rewrite with user experience and modern design in mind. The application runs on an industrial computer with a touch interface and also on an Android tablet. The UI was engineered with the work-flows of the machine operator in mind. As a result, far less error occur during machine operation. The project included a complete rewrite of the user interface as well as the motion control configuration. The UI designed was created in cooperation with an external UI/UX designer working closely together with the machine operator.

Skills & Technologies

Qt/QML, C++, Python, Embedded Linux, Android

User interface main screen after the re-design:

User-friendly CNC Operator UI

User-friendly CNC Operator UI

Old operator user interface for the machine:



My Professional Background

Work Experience

2017 Mai - Present

Rössler Systems

Solopreneur & Chief Engineer

Solopreneur offering professional services for developing embedded systems and HMI specialized in machine tools and manufacturing equipment.

2016 March - 2017 April

Zühlke Engineering Austria GmbH

Software Engineer

Embedded Software, Qt UI implementation, motion control, project management, consulting

2015 September - 2016 January


Software Engineer

Worked on Linux-based motion control software, CNC user interfaces, and machine prototyping.

2014 March - 2015 August

The Cool Tool GmbH

Software and Hardware Engineer

Developed electronics and software for an FDM 3D printer as well as CNC machines.

2012 December - 2014 January

Continental Austria GmbH

Part-time Student Employee for Software Development

Managing Fieldbus tools and control panels and working on embedded automotive software.

2007 - 2014

Holiday Internships and Student Jobs

I had various student jobs and holiday internships in different fields during my studies and school.

My Education

Formal Education

2014 September - 2016 June

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

Master of Science (MSc) in Embedded Systems

Masters degree and graduation with honors “Summa cum Laude”

Master Thesis: Machinetalk – Middleware for a Distributed Machine Control System

2011 September - 2014 June

University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Electronic Engineering

Studying full time and later part-time. Also working on different hardware and software projects.

Additional Activities:

photography, theater group, EBCL

2014 April - 2014 December

Donau-Universität Krems

Innovation Assistant

The course includes innovation and creativity methods such as TRIZ, pirate thinking, design thinking. Furthermore, the course also includes project management and leadership. The course was part of an innovation project.

What I am good at

Skills & Knowledge


C++ 85%
Qt and QML85%


    Open Minds Award

    October 2017 / Open Minds
    Place: 2 / category “software development” for the open source project Machinekit.


    • Software Craftsmanship
    • Test Driven Development
    • Software Architecture
    • Project Management
    • Leadership
    • Innovative Thinking
    • Model-Oriented Programming
    • User Interface Engineering
    • Distributed Systems
    • Embedded, Mobile, and Desktop
    • System Software
    • Embedded Software
    • Hardware Design (VHDL)
    • Electronic Engineering

    Hobbies & Interests

    • Sports


      I'm a calisthenics and bodyweight athlete. Willpower is one of my key assets.

    • Personal Development

      Personal Development

      I'm committed to improving myself with every step I take.


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